At Conquest Ink we do great work for people and brands who do good. We help thought leaders sharpen their brand purpose and transform brands through rigorous strategic thinking and carefully crafted design.

Founded in 2005, Conquest Ink has built a reputation for developing strategies and campaigns consistently curated with imagination and sensitivity to deliver better outcomes for people and organisations.

The team at Conquest Ink help refine and define purpose driven brands.


Sanna Conquest, Executive Director

Sanna Conquest

Founder of Conquest Ink, Sanna Conquest is a trusted advisor to many thought leaders and is widely recognised for her expertise in strategy, stakeholder relations, project management and writing. Her craft is in story telling, whether it’s through digital media, traditional media or film.

Sanna has more than 20 years’ experience in communications, ranging from public relations to stakeholder relations, branding, advertising, film, design and digital communications.

She has worked on local and global brands across multiple industries and in several countries. This broad lens consistently leads to fresh and innovative outcomes. Sanna speaks to both hearts and minds and knows how to best engage an audience.

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Karena van Maanen, Creative Director

Karena van Maanen

It’s rare to find people who can be wildly creative but also focus on business outcomes. Karena has more than 20 years’ experience bringing brands to life and her work is grounded in imagination. She revels in adapting ideas to help clients tell their best story. 

As a senior designer, Karena intimately understands the power of visual communications in helping build a brand. She has a keen eye for good design coupled with a personable nature and a genuine interest in helping businesses succeed. 

Karena likes to use creativity to problem solve and works directly with clients and creatives to ensure quality and compelling delivery of thoughtful service.

Creative Crew

Creative Crew

As the world has become increasingly fast paced, so too has the demand for compelling story telling and creative visual communications.

Conquest Ink collaborates with a bank of skilled, senior and hardworking Australian creatives to help clients bring clients’ stories to life.

This approach ensures that we hand pick the best person for the job, and clients greatly appreciate the financial efficiency.

The ethos at Conquest Ink is ensuring that “work” is as rewarding, curious and enjoyable as possible.


  • Researchers
  • Brand architects
  • Creative directors
  • Executive coaches
  • Organisational change specialists
  • Lawyers
  • Facilitators
  • Data analysts
  • Project managers
  • Trusted advisor
  • Recruiter


  • Copywriters
  • Journalists
  • Reporters
  • Speech writers
  • Digital advertisers
  • Content creators
  • Social media planners
  • Website developers
  • SEO experts
  • Media buyers
  • Event management


  • Photographers
  • Graphic designers
  • Film makers
  • Producers
  • Editors
  • Illustrators
  • Animators
  • Industrial designers
  • Musicians
  • Stylists


Local and global leaders use the power of story to move people and help make the world a better place.


We help business leaders share their best story and build brands with heart and fresh perspective which ultimately leads to conscious commercial growth.


To create and craft stories designed with purpose and meaningful impact that leads to opportunities for profit, people and planet.

Brand Values

Starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.
Lifelong learning is part of our DNA and we embrace fresh perspective to complex challenges.
When done well, creativity is intelligence having fun.
We see the silver lining and foster a growth mindset which enables the delivery of results with integrity, viability and verve.
We authentically build each other up which helps creates stronger leaders and communities.
The seat of knowledge is in the head, of wisdom, in the heart.
People may forget what we said and did, but they will never forget how we made them feel.