Conquest Ink’s clients are thought leaders with complex and interesting stories and are typically focused on social impact, business or education.


Conquest Ink collaborated with the inaugural Manager of the AFL's Respect and Responsibility Program. Together we developed a strategy to build environments that are safe, supportive and inclusive of women and girls in the football industry. The Respect and Responsibility Program was an initiative for cultural change, using an emerging evidence base in family violence primary prevention.

Acustico Lighting

Acustico Lighting designs a range of designer acoustic lights for architects and interior designers across the world. Conquest Ink assisted with stakeholder relations, development of the brand story, hierarchy of key messages, digital strategy and the submission that won a prestigious Good Design Award.

Cathy Freeman Foundation

Sanna Conquest consulted to the Cathy Freeman Foundation as Marketing Director from 2014 to 2016 when the organisation expanded work from 1 to 4 remote Indigenous communities. Conquest Ink led a collaboration with two design agencies to rebrand the organisation and create a new website. Conquest Ink shaped the brand story and communications for key stakeholders including Government, corporate, media and donor partners. This approach led to increased brand awareness, funding and social impact.

Channel 10

Sanna Conquest approached Channel 10 and set up the live broadcast of the MAKEPovertyHISTORY concert on Channel 10 featuring Bono, U2, Pearl Jam, Jet, Paul Kelly, Eskimo Joe, Evermore and the John Butler Trio.

Channel 7

Sanna Conquest produced two independent documentaries for Channel 7. She spearheaded production of ‘Doing Time’ which focused on the ‘Lockout’ event she managed for the Reach Foundation where 25 CEOs were locked up with 25 young people from juvenile justice and Reach for a weekend at Pentridge Prison. She also executive produced a documentary titled ‘That Was Me’ for the former Education Foundation focused on high profile Australians returning to their public school to celebrate their favourite teachers.

Creative Victoria and amme

Funding from Creative Victoria enabled amme and Conquest Ink to explore ‘How can we better support local designers?’ This involved a research study of 32 interviewees within the fashion industry and a white paper titled: ‘Reimagining the local fashion manufacturing industry: A Victorian Perspective’ designed to unearth and kickstart opportunities for the local fashion and textiles industry.

Education Foundation

The Education Foundation was committed to public education and later merged with the Foundation for Young Australians. Conquest Ink developed and executive produced a documentary for the Education Foundation and Channel 7 titled ‘That Was Me’ which followed business leaders returning to their former high school and sharing the impact teachers had on their lives. Sanna Conquest also worked with Board members to develop an innovative fundraiser designed to give young people greater access to the ‘World of Work’ program.


During a critical stage of development, Conquest Ink was hired by Fight MND to help reposition the organisation from the Cure for MND Foundation to FightMND. This involved crafting a 3 year communications strategy and legacy plan to support the advertising campaign. In addition, we launched the inaugural MND research symposium and collaborated to manage traditional media and digital media communications related to the relaunch of the brand and the Big Freeze 3 campaign. This resulted in record brand awareness and fundraising results.

Geelong Grammar, St Peter’s College and the Positive Psychology Institute of Sydney

Conquest Ink worked with the Reach Foundation to bring together a Think Tank of thought leaders in positive psychology. This included leading educators from Geelong Grammar, St Peter’s College, the Positive Psychology Institute of Sydney and additional academics. Together we collaborated with the leadership and crew at the Reach Foundation to build strategies and content on how to best underpin Reach Foundation programs with the science of positive psychology. This led to a new and highly successful teacher training program at Reach.

Hoppers Lane General Practice

Hoppers Lane General Practice is a thriving GP practice based in Werribee. The client sought a simple brand refresh for the clinic practice, website and marketing collateral that reflected the excellent medical service and reflected the group’s values, vision, mission and purpose.

Macquarie University

Conquest Ink was hired for creative direction and copywriting skills in the development of marketing collateral for the International division of Macquarie University. This body of work resulted in the growth of international student attendance.


Conquest Ink collaborated with National Australia Bank to develop a film treatment and two short films for finalists in the Schools First program. This treatment was adopted on a national basis based on films featuring the Music Connections project at Newport Lakes Primary School and the Chess-squared program in Castlemaine primary schools.

Oaktree Foundation and MakePOVERTYHistory

From little things big things grow. Dan Adams, Hugh Evans and the Oaktree Foundation hired Sanna Conquest to develop a compelling case for investment in a MakePOVERTYHistory concert in Melbourne to raise awareness around the need to eliminate child poverty in the developing world. We developed a fundraising proposal and secured $500K from Optus which led to an unforgettable performance by Bono, U2 and leading Australian bands. Conquest Ink also negotiated a live broadcast of the event via Channel 10.

Onsite Medical Hub

Onsite Medical Hub was born in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and shares a vision for Victorian workplaces prioritising good health and well-being. It offers onsite flu vaccinations and COVID-19 testing to business and education leaders. Conquest Ink delivered a new brand identity, visual assets and brand narrative to tell the story in its most compelling way. We also designed content for the website and digital media launch.

PNO Insurance

Founded in the 1970s, PNO Insurance sought a fresh brand narrative and new brand identity to reflect its service offering. This involved the delivery of a new website, marketing collateral and visual assets that were incorporated into the office.

Precision Projects

Conquest Ink assisted Precision Projects with a new brand identity, new website and ongoing digital communications direction. The brand is designed for Victorians seeking a builder of a luxury architect designed home. Precision Projects has since developed a strong digital presence and experienced increased brand awareness which has resulted in continuous business growth.

Profectus Group

Profectus enables major organisations to maximise value from their complex business-to-business transactions by delivering absolute transactional accuracy through world-leading technologies. Conquest Ink developed a Brand Value Proposition, brand narrative and hierarchy of key messages for key stakeholders. The brand narrative was shared with staff and via the website and LinkedIn profiles and culminated in a sales campaign that led to record client leads.

RCT Law and Stringer Clark

Since 2016, Conquest Ink has worked closely with a small team to steer the marketing direction of law firms, Ryan Carlisle Thomas and Stringer Clark. This includes brand strategy, digital media content planning and execution, advertising creative campaign development and media relations. The marketing strategy is aligned with the business plan for continuous growth.

Reach Foundation

Conquest Ink led two special projects for the Reach Foundation. Sanna Conquest led a game changing event whereby 25 business and Government leaders were locked up in Pentridge Prison with 25 young people from Reach and juvenile justice for 36 hours. This event was later aired on Channel 7 via the ‘Doing Time’ documentary. The event raised target funds and led to significant ongoing State and Federal Government partnerships and funding. Conquest Ink also led a think tank of Reach facilitators and education thought leaders to reimagine, redesign and launch a digital teacher training program underpinned with the science of positive psychology while also appealing to young people via interactive activities curated by Reach crew. This program fast transcended from the most underperforming to the most popular program.

Scotch College

Sanna Conquest collaborated with Scotch College in a significant capital campaign. This involved significant key stakeholder relations, strategy development, copywriting, preparation of brochures and video treatments. This strategy successfully resulted in the securing of major funds to launch a new building focused on science and maths education resources.


Conquest Ink was hired by Whitelion to develop a bespoke fundraiser. We approached a high profile philanthropist to host a black tie dinner and the guest speaker was a middle aged man who spoke about the hardship and challenges of incarceration and getting back on his feet after life on the inside. This resulted in significant philanthropic awareness and funding for Whitelion. In addition, the guest speaker secured funding and support to set up his own not for profit organisation.

Women’s Health Hub

Conquest Ink led the brand identity and launch campaign for a new women’s GP clinic in Werribee, Women’s Health Hub. This involved development of brand assets, wayfinding, website, communications strategy and digital strategy. Within two weeks of opening, the clinic had secured more than 2000 clients and continues to grow from strength to strength. Design and naming components of project were in collaboration with Garland Blanchard.

World Wildlife Fund

One of Sanna Conquest’s proudest and most memorable achievements was working with the World Wildlife Fund and fisheries experts in the UK. Together we set up an inaugural world conference of experts designed to preserve fisheries and oceans across the world.

YiaYia Next Door

Conquest Ink has played a longstanding business development role with the co-founders of social enterprise, YiaYia Next Door. This has involved developing the brand narrative, key messages, website and coaching on community and commercial partnerships and initiatives.


Conquest Ink provided strategic PR counsel to the CEO of during an important stage of growth. This resulted in increased media coverage, improved stakeholder relations and market share growth.

“Conquest Ink helped FightMND navigate a critical crossroad and crafted a three year communications strategy addressing the legacy of the organisation. This involved insightful research and the development and execution of a digital campaign featuring a rebrand which created unprecedented results and ongoing support. Sanna worked closely with the Founders, Board, advertising agency and staff and her strategic mindset, sensitivity and smarts made her a great asset to our team.”
Pat Cunningham, Co-founder and Board Director, FightMND
"Our teams loved working with Conquest Ink on various projects. Sanna and her team offer an approachable strategic focus to your branding and communications that in our instance has helped us redefine and enhance our positioning for our internal and external stakeholders”
Scott Vickers-Willis, Managing Director, Techne Group
“Conquest Ink has been instrumental in leading the growth of our social enterprise. Sanna helped clarify our purpose, connect us with key stakeholders and package our story for social impact. Her marketing background combined with natural business acumen and leadership has been vital to our growth. Sanna can balance a sense of humour with razor sharp focus and efficiency and demonstrates the courage, humility and empathy needed in future leaders.”
Daniel Paulino, Co-Founder and Director, YiaYia Next Door
“Working with Sanna is like working through a lightning storm - idea bolts going off everywhere!  Sanna is as smart as a whip and a born creative which shows up in how she is able to present her ideas - which were often different to my own. This allowed us to deep dive, discuss and develop very intentional solutions together which has resulted in a healthy growth curve.”
Samantha McKenzie, Director, Acustico Lighting
“I have worked with Sanna on a couple of projects and was impressed with her ability to create the concept for a documentary film and to executive produce it for mainstream broadcast. I have also worked with Sanna in stakeholder relations and issues management on other initiatives and she is an asset to any leadership team seeking strong communications strategy and implementation."
Simon McKeon AO, Business leader, philanthropist, lawyer, Australian of the Year 2011
Chancellor of Monash University Non-Executive Director of Rio Tinto, Non-Executive Director of Spotless Group and National Australia Bank Limited and consultant to Macquarie Bank Melbourne
"Sanna is widely recognised for connecting people, coming up with new ideas and approaches, and for executing those ideas into great results. She is worldly and passionate about many matters and this insight is highlighted in the quality and influence of her work."
John Higgins, Chairman, Higgins Coatings
"Sanna is a natural talent in the marketing and branding space. She has enormous depth of experience and exceptional creativity, all delivered with both clarity and great humour which makes working with her a pleasure."
Renee Greaves, Former Brand, Communication & Engagement Manager at Toll Fast
"Sanna led a team of 15 for Blanc & Otus in San Francisco during the dot com boom. She is comfortable in the company of pioneers and innovators and is a creative thinker who instantly wins the respect of her clients and colleagues. Sanna knows how to lead a team and build and execute strong branding and marketing campaigns."
Greg Spector, Former President and CEO of Blanc and Otus, San Francisco