The Conquest Ink team share the same powerful purpose - to provide big picture thinking and to craft big hearted stories designed to create better opportunities for people and planet.

Design agencies recommend design. Film companies recommend film. Ad agencies recommend ads. The Conquest Ink team always starts with the client’s goal and develops a unique and creative solution that best fits the challenge at hand.

Conquest Ink works with only the best strategists and creatives who have built a solid reputation in their chosen fields. Our creative solutions are always grounded in smart and solid strategy. We proudly identify unique solutions for complex problems by connecting the dots that others often are unable to see.

Whether we’re developing a communications strategy for FightMND, a community campaign for the AFL, or a digital advertising campaign for a law firm, our goal is to use the power of story to move people and help make the world a better place.

“Conquest Ink helped FightMND navigate a critical crossroad and crafted a three year communications strategy addressing the legacy of the organisation. This involved insightful research and the development and execution of a digital campaign featuring a rebrand which created unprecedented results and ongoing support. Sanna worked closely with the Founders, Board, advertising agency and staff and her strategic mindset, sensitivity and smarts made her a great asset to our team.”
Pat Cunningham, Co-founder and Board Director, FightMND
"Our teams loved working with Conquest Ink on various projects. Sanna and her team offer an approachable strategic focus to your branding and communications that in our instance has helped us redefine and enhance our positioning for our internal and external stakeholders”
Scott Vickers-Willis, Managing Director, Techne Group
“Conquest Ink has been instrumental in leading the growth of our social enterprise. Sanna helped clarify our purpose, connect us with key stakeholders and package our story for social impact. Her marketing background combined with natural business acumen and leadership has been vital to our growth. Sanna can balance a sense of humour with razor sharp focus and efficiency and demonstrates the courage, humility and empathy needed in future leaders.”
Daniel Paulino, Co-Founder and Director, YiaYia Next Door
“Working with Sanna is like working through a lightning storm - idea bolts going off everywhere!  Sanna is as smart as a whip and a born creative which shows up in how she is able to present her ideas - which were often different to my own. This allowed us to deep dive, discuss and develop very intentional solutions together which has resulted in a healthy growth curve.”
Samantha McKenzie, Director, Acustico Lighting
“I have worked with Sanna on a couple of projects and was impressed with her ability to create the concept for a documentary film and to executive produce it for mainstream broadcast. I have also worked with Sanna in stakeholder relations and issues management on other initiatives and she is an asset to any leadership team seeking strong communications strategy and implementation."
Simon McKeon AO, Business leader, philanthropist, lawyer, Australian of the Year 2011
Chancellor of Monash University Non-Executive Director of Rio Tinto, Non-Executive Director of Spotless Group and National Australia Bank Limited and consultant to Macquarie Bank Melbourne
"Sanna is widely recognised for connecting people, coming up with new ideas and approaches, and for executing those ideas into great results. She is worldly and passionate about many matters and this insight is highlighted in the quality and influence of her work."
John Higgins, Chairman, Higgins Coatings
"Sanna is a natural talent in the marketing and branding space. She has enormous depth of experience and exceptional creativity, all delivered with both clarity and great humour which makes working with her a pleasure."
Renee Greaves, Former Brand, Communication & Engagement Manager at Toll Fast
"Sanna led a team of 15 for Blanc & Otus in San Francisco during the dot com boom. She is comfortable in the company of pioneers and innovators and is a creative thinker who instantly wins the respect of her clients and colleagues. Sanna knows how to lead a team and build and execute strong branding and marketing campaigns."
Greg Spector, Former President and CEO of Blanc and Otus, San Francisco

Conquest Ink provides a diverse range of services in strategy, communications and creative.


  • Brand strategy
  • Comms strategy
  • Issues management
  • Public relations
  • Media relations
  • Digital media strategy
  • Stakeholder relations
  • Trusted advisor
  • Marketing recruitment


  • Copywriting
  • Media relations
  • Digital content creation
  • Social media management
  • Content creation
  • Digital advertising
  • Project management


  • Creative direction
  • Brand identity
  • Website design
  • Graphic design
  • Print and publications
  • Film making
  • Photography


Our team of senior strategists and creatives share decades of experience across industries, disciplines and countries.
A clever, original and inventive approach to problem solving is what ensures strategic and creative results.
A team of creative minds can have more power than one. In a fast-moving digital world, we tailor make a team to meet each client’s unique needs.
We see the silver lining and foster a growth mindset which enables the delivery of results with integrity, viability and verve.
Our strategy doesn’t sit in a desk drawer. It’s real, meaningful and in the market to make a difference.
Fortune favours the bold. We’re comfortable having tough conversations that challenge the status quo and help refine and define a brand.

With more than 20 years’ experience, Sanna Conquest has navigated strategy for leading brands and businesses across multiple sectors, industries and countries. The Conquest Ink business model ensures the right strategists and creatives collaborate to find and deliver the best creative solution.